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Bonny is available as a keynote speaker for conferences
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Unleash the leadership power and inspiration latent in you...
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New Book From Bonny Oguejiofor

Available October 21st. Pre-Order now for a discount.
In this book, you will find the guiding light to the wealth in your wealthy place as we help you answer some life defining and alignment questions: •Who truly are you? •What do you have to sell? •Where are you now in your journey to the wealthy place? •Where do you want to be? •How will you get there? Learn how to discover the authentic you, become that you and become wealthy doing just you.

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Who are you?

Finding your true self and finding your natural path to wealth and prosperity.
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What do you have?

Identifying and developing your personal wealth and personal potential resources.
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Where are you and where are you going?

Unleash the leadership power and inspiration latent in you...
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How will you get there?

Develop your personal wealth and move on to societal significance.
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What People say about Us

As a minister of God, I realized there were too much spending of money without a clear purpose.After attending Life Alignment Coaching classes with Coach Bonnie, I then discovered that my financial system was not properly put in place. After my six weeks  coaching class with Bonnie i was able to reset my financial system in order to maintain good balance in my finances. Now i am on my way to create a sustainable wealth.

Eva Brown

Stephen O. Otuomagie

Pastor, Cape Town

I always knew my head  was stuck up the skies, Rapidly  thinking and tredecillion of ideas just busting into viginitillon more.So I started attending the mastermind. One on one coaching classes, it’s been a wonderful experience. And it starts my week for the past 6 months. Got my flow. Got my plumbing systems right. Got myself planing and aligning my goals with my passion and strength.

Lora Davis

Anthony Okonkwo

Business Accountant, Cape Town

Bonny Oguejiofor

Bonny is available
as a keynote speaker
for conferences, business summits
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